Whether you are an entrepreneur, artist, writer, or musician, protecting your original works is of vital importance for your intellectual property portfolio. It is important to register your copyright with the US Copyright Office. A valid registration permits you to bring a lawsuit to enforce your copyrights. Given the technological climate we currently live in, protecting and enforcing the legal rights in your works is of the utmost importance. The list of works that can be protected by copyright law is extensive:

  • sound recordings, musical scores
  • photographs, paintings, sculptures, logos
  • motion pictures, cable programs
  • computer programs
  • song lyrics, manuscripts, manuals

Let Michael T. Arase assist you with any and all of your copyright-related matters:

  • Copyright registration
  • Copyright infringement
  • Cease and desist
  • DMCA takedown notices
  • Copyright licensing
  • Copyright portfolio management

Get in contact with The Law Office of Michael T. Arase to address your copyright-related matters.

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